FAQ - Questions & Answers.

1.-"Where Do I Apply My Promotional Code?"

On Mobile: 

After Clicking On Checkout You Will Be Brought Here.
Click on (Show Order Summary) at the top of the page.
The order summary tab will then drop down and you will see our (discount)section, where you can apply your promotion!

On Desktop: 

It will be visible right after clicking check out.
Your order summary is automatically displayed when on desktop, and (discount section) is conveniently located to the right of your screen right under your displayed (order summary).

2. -"Where does your company print an ship products from?"

Glad you asked! We worked very hard to established the most trusted locations and partners available for us to expand in the most efficient way.

Our Dream Team currently prints, handles & ships all of our products from our Warehouse & Office Right here in The United States, Located on 11025 Westlake Drive, Charlotte, NC, 28273 

We Established this Dream right out of South Lake Tahoe, California. & That is where All current customer service office / call lines (530-395-5550) are Located. This is where we process / approve or deny All returns & exchanges.

977 Park Ave, South Lake Tahoe, Ca, 96150. Call Line (530-395-5550)
You can visit our Contact page anytime to find out our Call Hours, at anytime though feel free to reach us at SteadyDreamingCo@Gmail.com